About Our Business

Baird Concrete Products, Inc. is an Ohio corporation specializing in the manufacture, sales
and distribution of concrete products of many types and descriptions. The officers and
management of the corporation include: John Baird, President - Margie Baird, Vice President  
Cyndi Albertson, Secretary / Treasure - Tom Albertson, Vice President of Operations.  

Baird Concrete Products is a fifth generation family business that has served the Coshocton
area for many years. It originated in 1904 as a feed and grain business known as J.A.Baird
and Son. In 1940, it expanded into the production of sand and gravel along with the sale of
building materials; it was then known as Baird Supply Company. In 1957, the business
expanded into the concrete products manufacturing industry, and later was established as
Baird Concrete Products,Inc.

The current facilities are located on a 7 1/2 acre site at the junction of the Tuscarawas,
Walhounding, and Muskingum Rivers in Coshocton, Ohio. The main production facilities are
housed in a 9900 sq. Ft. building complex on the corner of Locust and Water Streets.

There are nine employees involved in the production, sales and distribution of products for
Baird Concrete Products, Inc.
The production facilities include an extensive bulk material handling system for storing both on
the ground and overhead the materials used in manufacturing of our products. These
materials are conveyed to an overhead bin complex that feeds an automated batching system,
which controls the weights within a 30 lb range for a 4000 lb batch of materials. This equates
to 3/4 of 1% tolerance per batch.

These materials are then fed into a 50 cu Ft. batch mixer where the controller automatically
adds a predetermined amount of water and mixes the materials for a preset amount of time.

The materials are discharged from the mixer and conveyed to a hydraulically operated block
machine where they are formed, vibrated and pressed into the desired size and shape of
block that is being produced. The size of the unit being produced is controlled by preset
electronic controls, which maintain a very close tolerance while being monitored continually.

The units, which are on a steel pallet, are then loaded onto a drying rack and transferred to a
curing room where they are cured in a climate controlled atmosphere. Some of the materials
require heat alone for curing while some require a combination of heat and moisture.

This facility currently has the capability of annually producing 2,000,000 units or 36,000 ton of
materials, working at a schedule of 8 hours per day, 5 days per. week.

The staff and employees of Baird Concrete Products are proud of our facilities and the
products we produce and welcome a visitation from any interested parties at any time.

Baird Concrete Products, Inc. also distributes a complete line of masonry materials, concrete
products and accessories. Our facility also includes a 4800 Sq. Ft. Warehouse where we store
the small and perishable items.

We at Baird Concrete Products, Inc. are here to accommodate every customer, from the large
contractor to the do-it-yourself individual; we are available to help with all your construction
challenges. If a customer requires a special product that we do not have we will make every
effort to locate the product and get it to the customer quickly and reasonably.
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